planning frenzy

origami cranes and paper lanterns. flowers and cameras. votive candles, double-stick tape, and huge jugs of olive oil. sixteen boxes of wine lined up in the living room. we're almost ready! we can't wait to see you all!

with 10 days left before the big day, preparations are now in full gear. the top news of today is that nobody has reserved the space at plant zero for the night before 3/20, so we'll definitely be able to get in on saturday afternoon to decorate. that will make the whole set-up process much more manageable for all concerned.

over the past few days we've firmed up details of the honeymoon and today we received confirmation that our application to enter the circle at stonehenge on april 4 at twilight, after they close to the rest of the public, has been granted. pretty cool, huh? just the two of us wandering around for an hour in the midst of the ancient stones.

we both have our passports - what a relief!

outfits for ceremony complete - ben's mom has made us the most beautiful coats ever!

we got our ABC license to serve wine and mead at the ceremony. also this week, ben drove up to hill top berry farm & winery to get some super-yummy mead for the toasts. (if you don't know what mead is, you're in for a lovely surprise on 3/20.)

mega-shopping day for reception stuff

joriel finally finds pretty vegan (non-leather) shoes to match her dress!

applications submitted to get our passports renewed for our honeymoon in england, wales, & ireland

invitations mailed

invitation assembly party

work begins on this website