One benefit of not getting "married" is that we're not bound to the strictest rules of etiquette. So, let's just make this nice and clear.

We very strongly desire that none of our guests should feel in any way obligated to buy us a gift. Your presence on March 20 is the greatest gift you could give us. Some of you are also giving us the enormous gift of helping with the logistics of our special day. (If we haven't asked you yet and you would like to help with preparations or with setting up or cleaning up on the big day, please email us at

Even if you can't be there on March 20, your well wishes for our future together will be more than enough of a gift.

That said, we have already had some people insist that they want to give us a gift. Therefore, in the interests of not getting a bunch of stuff we don't need, we are registered (as of February 2) at Target stores nationwide. Yes, we used the wedding registry, and you can look us up under either of our names - Ben Haley or Joriel Foltz.

We will also refrain from turning up our noses at monetary gifts, since we do have a lot of exciting and expensive transitions in our near future.

Our mailing address (Joriel's house, where we'll both be living after March 20) is 907 Bradley Lane, Richmond, VA 23225.

Please know that all of your gifts, whether they come from your heart, your wallet, or both, will be cherished.